A Chemical and Environmental Win

//A Chemical and Environmental Win

A Chemical and Environmental Win

Life is a game of winning and losing. The Super Bowl game is victorious for one team and devastating for another. When Duke plays North Carolina, there is always a clear winner. All individuals desire to be on that winning side. But it is rare that everyone walks away as a champion. When both sides of a situation succeed, we call that a “Win-Win.”

At CWC Chemical, we are incredibly fortunate to work alongside progressive and innovative companies. The list is impressive when we recall our partners that have made it their goal to create these “win-win” situations. Recently, FDC Enterprises collaborated with ITC Midwest in Iowa on a multi-acre project that caught the attention of many in our industry.

ITC Midwest operates transmission lines through several states. Utility rights-of-way require the ability to deliver reliable power. In order to accomplish this, specific vegetation must be managed. In their most recent project, FDC Enterprises created the perfect balance of eco-friendly management. Native warm season grasses were successfully planted across several acres. These grasses have tremendous value to the ecosystems in which they are planted. The benefits include: Improved habitat, filtration, and a reduction in the regeneration of undesirable brush species. Rights-of-ways and native grasses sustain millions of native wild bees, butterflies, beetles, and other animals that pollinate and insure the reproduction of over 75% of all flowering plants. As a clump forming grass, they provide excellent wildlife habitat to songbirds, turkeys, quail, rabbits, and even deer. In exchange, the native grass beneath the lines will help provide access for line repairs and naturally inhibit the growth of invasive trees.

The challenge lies in the fact that warm season grasses can be very difficult to establish. The experience and knowledge required to choose the right seed, herbicide, and equipment are just as important as working around the environmental conditions provided by Mother Nature. Not every company has the skill necessary to successfully employ this solution. That is why we are happy to highlight the excellent work of FDC Enterprises as they continue to strike a balance between productivity and environmental protection.

If you are interested in trying to establish these highly desirable grasses on your property, please contact us at: 1-540-992-5766.

For a more detailed look at the project mentioned above, click here to read an article on FDC Enterprise’s work with ITC Midwest.

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