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CWC Headquarters, Cloverdale, VA

CWC Chemical is one of the United States leading innovative distribution companies in the area of non-crop vegetation management; presently boasting 15% market share in the nation!

At CWC, we create value, through superior service, for the specialty vegetation market while recognizing our responsibility for a professional approach to natural resource management, environmental awareness and education, and the sustainable development of reliable power and traveler safety on highway rights-of-way.

Innovative vegetation management solutions are our company focus. This reflects the very core of our company and is complimented by two other founding principles: Branded Product Stewardship and a strict code of conduct for the Distribution and Use of Herbicides in the environment.

Key demands for current vegetation management programs are that they must be:

  • Environmentally Responsible
  • Safe
  • Economically Viable
  • Socially Acceptable

Founded in 1984, CWC has grown through sound investment in specialized personnel and exhaustive research in new technology that will meet and exceed the needs our current and future customers. Through education, and the collective effort of our partners and valued customers, CWC will continue to move the non-crop vegetation management market towards a more professional approach to meet its current key demands.

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