Bare Ground Application

//Bare Ground Application

Bare Ground Application

The changing seasons are usually ushered in by a “kick-off” weekend. It doesn’t feel like summer can begin until after Memorial Day weekend. Labor Day weekend signifies the beginning of the new school year. For those of us that can’t wait to hit the woodlands for hunting, we have the opening weekend of dove season. In the vegetation management world, we are quickly approaching herbicide application season. The “kick-off” for this season begins with bare ground application.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Bare ground applications are made anywhere we want the site to be 100% free of all vegetation. These applications are made to maintain access, safety, and reliability in and around the site. If your land is in the southern United States, the season has already begun. However, from the Mid-Atlantic region north, it is just getting started.

Hopefully you took heed of our warning and winterized your equipment in the fall. I drained my sprayer in the fall and injected antifreeze through all the lines and I still had one valve that froze and split. Time is of the essence in the spring. No one wants to face delays and additional expense because of equipment breakdowns when the weather and temperature give the green light.

There are a multitude of factors that affect the longevity of bare ground treatment. Products, rates, species, timing, rainfall, soil type, base, and history are some of the factors that affect the success of the treatment. We encourage changing the products and herbicide rates in order to discourage species from building a resistance to the same treatment year after year. Give us a call at 1-540-992-5766 if you have any questions related to the efficiency of your equipment or products that will address your hard to control noxious weeds.

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