Important Safety Recommendation

There are safety recommendations in every area of life. Everything from microwave popcorn to the automobile you drive, contains instructions for use that ensure nothing is damaged during operation. We follow these instructions because we want to protect our lives as well as the lives of people we care about. At CWC Chemical, we operate [...]

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Herbicides and Roadway Safety

Summer is the time when many motorists hit the open road for vacation destinations. The beauty of our area often strikes motorists as they travel in droves toward beaches, mountains, and family reunions. Although, most road trips are just a fading memory at this point. One thing we know in this industry is that drivers will [...]

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Have you ever noticed that dealership vehicles always have a shiny exterior? Wax is applied to keep the cars looking new and perfect. As rain falls on a vehicle protected with wax, the water beads up and rolls right off the automobile. When it comes to foliar treatment, we see a similar reaction if we [...]

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High Volume vs. Low Volume

Two teams have arrived on the field to battle for a football championship. Both teams have the desire to win. As the crowd turns from a low murmur to a loud roar, the intensity rises and the opponents face each other. It is at this moment that the crowd realizes that one team is equipped [...]

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CWC Spray Tracker

Imagine that you enter a room full of one hundred people. You are given the task of getting names and ages of every person present. You must report the data at the end of a determined time. You are given two options for recording the information. One avenue is to walk up to each individual [...]

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Bare Ground Application

The changing seasons are usually ushered in by a “kick-off” weekend. It doesn’t feel like summer can begin until after Memorial Day weekend. Labor Day weekend signifies the beginning of the new school year. For those of us that can’t wait to hit the woodlands for hunting, we have the opening weekend of dove season. [...]

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Cut Stump Application

When landscaping personal property, the main motivator is usually for the purpose of aesthetics. Individuals want a well-manicured lawn. Occasionally there is an issue with tree roots too close to sewage pipes or dead tree branches too close to a home. Commercially, the appearance is often secondary to function. Vegetation management is important when maintaining [...]

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A Chemical and Environmental Win

Life is a game of winning and losing. The Super Bowl game is victorious for one team and devastating for another. When Duke plays North Carolina, there is always a clear winner. All individuals desire to be on that winning side. But it is rare that everyone walks away as a champion. When both sides [...]

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Customized Spray Equipment

Running a marathon requires preparation and planning. No one wakes up one day and decides to run 26.2 miles. Many areas of life are that way. We're often required to think ahead to the next step. Our industry is no different. We finished another busy foliar season, and we cleaned our equipment. Even though the [...]

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Exciting Announcements!

It is always exciting to be part of a groundbreaking discovery. Think about how much hype surrounds the release of a new Apple® product. People stand in line for hours to be part of something revolutionary. In the IVM industry, we’ve had our own version of these releases. We’re sure you remember the release of [...]

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