Cut Stump Application

//Cut Stump Application

Cut Stump Application

When landscaping personal property, the main motivator is usually for the purpose of aesthetics. Individuals want a well-manicured lawn. Occasionally there is an issue with tree roots too close to sewage pipes or dead tree branches too close to a home. Commercially, the appearance is often secondary to function. Vegetation management is important when maintaining rights-of-way. Train tracks must be kept free of obnoxious utilit1grasses, utility lines must be easily accessed, and growth must be controlled on roadways to ensure safety.

At CWC, we have recommendations for certain vegetation management processes. We believe that treating stumps once a tree is cut down is a necessary and easy step. A cut stump application is very basic and brings a tremendous value in cost savings and reliability to your program. Treating a stump once the tree has been cut down requires a minimal amount of herbicide and a minimal investment in equipment. Without a cut stump application, individuals are actually promoting a more dense vegetation cover type. Without treatment, one stem can become 3-10 additional sprouts.

The cut stump application is made to the cambium and any exposed bark and roots. Basal oil is added to penetrate the bark and broaden the application window. Most importantly, this process can be administered during any season. Below is a link to a video describing the specifics of the application:

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 11.28.43 AM







If you need help determining the products and rates for your specific system, please give us a call and we will be happy to assist you. 1-540-992-5766.

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