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CWC Spray Tracker software, powered by Clearion Software, is a GIS map-based system that allows for all functions of a herbicide program to be planned, recorded, and reported electronically. Spray Tracker is a game-changing improvement to the manual, paper-based processes employed by many herbicide users today. Vegetation Managers now have a powerful new tool to increase the accountability of herbicide use on their rights-of-way.

To schedule a demonstration or a personal meeting to review the benefits of CWC Spray Tracker software, call 800.380.9903 or email us at info@cwc-chemical.com.



  • Utility GIS map data and satellite imagery is uploaded into CWC Spray Tracker software
  • Software allows management to electronically communicate work to crews in the field
  • Crews perform application based on electronic map sets and highlight work completed
  • Custom templates allow quick and accurate entry of application specifics
  • Field data is uploaded via internet access to a dedicated central database
  • Data entered is archived and available for analysis via a web portal








  • ESRI ArcGIS – Industry leading platform
  • No paper maps – reduce print time, travel expense, print costs, crew down time, overhead expense
  • Electronic Spray Reports – easily generate for any selected time period
  • Tracking – products, prescriptions and volumes by acres/miles over time
  • Reporting – separate by: utility, contractor, crew, line, circuit, span, application method, restricted use products
  • Analysis – view and analyze data via standard reports or export to Excel
  • Real-time monitoring – electronic uploads provide progress of work completed and budget tracking
  • Proof of Compliance – graphical and digital representation electronically available for state and federal agency audits
  • Historical application records – aids in review for efficacy evaluations, budget planning and contractor     performance analysis
  • Adherence to UAA – BMP for Closed Chain of Custody – software links return/refillable containers to custom blenders
  • Integration – with the Clearion Vegetation Work Management suite and other utility information systems
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The CWC Spray Tracker system is a result of the collaboration between CWC Chemical, leaders in the introduction of technology and innovation for the safe and effective use of herbicides and other chemicals, and Clearion Software, the leading provider of Intelligent Vegetation Management™ software solutions for utilities of all sizes. Combining the knowledge obtained from their extensive customer bases and the in-depth understanding of the costs, challenges and limitations of the paper-based systems in widespread use today, CWC and Clearion worked to build a breakthrough system that delivers improved efficiency, stewardship and accountability of herbicide applications.
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