Dormant Stem Herbicide Application

//Dormant Stem Herbicide Application

Dormant Stem Herbicide Application

Does it seem like no matter how early you wake up, your list of things to accomplish will always take longer than the 24 hours you’re given? Many individuals are great at planning and executing their schedule, but they still end up falling behind.

So what should you do if you didn’t finish all the miles or acres you had scheduled for the foliar season? At CWC Chemical, we understand that “life happens,” and we’re constantly working to improve your overall experience with herbicide application. We’re gaining more experience and more consistent results with a Dormant Stem Herbicide Application. This treatment is applied from the time the targeted brush has completely lost its leaves until bud break in the spring. The application is administered using both low volume pump-up sprayers as well as hydraulic units.

The backbone of this herbicide mix is Garlon 4 Ultra. Occasionally we will add Tordon, Milestone, or Polaris to broaden the spectrum of control. We also offer a basal oil to improve penetration of the product into the trunk, branches, and stems of the tree. This is a great tool to help complete the miles or acres that were not treated during the foliar season. For those of you worried about getting a head start on scheduled work for next year, this can be a useful solution as well.

At CWC Chemical we partner with our clients to achieve efficiency and success. Our goal is to offer experience and assistance in addition to our products. Contact us at 1-540-992-5766 for a prescription or more details on dormant stem herbicide application.

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