Herbicides and Roadway Safety

//Herbicides and Roadway Safety

Herbicides and Roadway Safety

curves-like-this-theSummer is the time when many motorists hit the open road for vacation destinations. The beauty of our area often strikes motorists as they travel in droves toward beaches, mountains, and family reunions. Although, most road trips are just a fading memory at this point. One thing we know in this industry is that drivers will probably never notice the behind the scenes work that is essential for safe and enjoyable road trips.

Maintaining our roads and highways require knowledge of native grasses and invasive weeds. Even slight changes can upset the balance and invite trouble. Many motorists assume mowing the median is the only maintenance requirement. We are aware of the complex community that makes up the medians and roadsides. We protect certain grasses that act as a filter for rainwater runoff and a catchall for elements such as trash, oil, or fluids from vehicle traffic. Grasses also act as a natural filter to keep certain pollutants from storm drains. We also work hard to eradicate noxious weeds from our area such as: Knotweed, Purple Loostrife, Phragmites, Oriental Bittersweet, Spotted Knapweed, Ailanthus, etc. Our most popular herbicides for roadway applications are: Derigo, Garlon, Milestone, Streamline, and Tordon. Depending on the equipment used, we apply the products either in a broadcast application using the products that are selective to grass, or spot treatment application to only those undesirable species.

While vegetation management is important, we also realize we are responsible for maintaining habitat areas for species specific to our area. With this in mind, our herbicides must also protect natural vegetation necessary to survival. It is a delicate balance, but we take pride in knowing that we are keeping motorists safe while caring for the environment.

If you have questions about roadway vegetation management in our area, please call us at: 1-540-992-5766

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