High Volume vs. Low Volume

//High Volume vs. Low Volume

High Volume vs. Low Volume

Two teams have arrived on the field to battle for a football championship. Both teams have the desire to win. As the crowd turns from a low murmur to a loud roar, the intensity rises and the opponents face each other. It is at this moment that the crowd realizes that one team is equipped for victory and the other team is completely unprepared. One team has full padding, cleats, helmets, and the required jug of electrolyte -filled sports drink. The other team is standing on the field in business casual holding a golf ball. Does this sound like a strange and crazy dream? Or is this reminding you of a nightmare you’ve had when showing up to battle brush and other undesirable species?

We all know the key to winning a battle is being prepared. At CWC Chemical, we can keep this nightmare from becoming a reality. We exist to provide a product as well as the service that is required to ensure success for your Stem-Foliagebusiness. We consider ourselves to be your partner in herbicide application.

June 1st is the typical start date for foliar applications in the Mid-Atlantic and Northern regions. That means we are well into the start of the season. We try to wait until the last of the brush species are fully leafed out before we begin our attack. This raises the question: Will you be making a high volume foliar (HVF) or low volume foliar (LVF)? Or will you be using a combination of both?

Brush heights and densities usually determine the correct application technique. An HVF application is typically a reclamation tool used when brush densities and height are high. When rights-of-way are covered with undesirable species, high volume foliar is the best choice. Once an HVF application or a mechanical mower has reclaimed the rights-of-way, the brush can be targeted with an LVF application. LVF application is best suited for lower densities of brush with an average height between three to six feet.

We are here to answer any questions you have regarding product and application. Please call us 1-540-992-5766 to speak with one of our specialists.

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