There are safety recommendations in every area of life. Everything from microwave popcorn to the automobile you drive, contains instructions for use that ensure nothing is damaged during operation. We follow these instructions because we want to protect our lives as well as the lives of people we care about.

At CWC Chemical, we operate under the same philosophy. We have a responsibility to our families, employers, and customers, to operate in a safe and reliable manner. Herbicide applications are not excluded from this. Mixing, loading, equipment, and terrain, are among the hazards we face on a daily basis.

Most of us know the benefits of having product delivered in a returnable and refillable container. The Utility Arborist Association has identified it as a “best management practice.” The benefits include increased safety from reduced handling of concentrate material, and reduced exposure to the product at all transfer points through closed connections.

There is one point we would like to draw your attention to. We want to make you aware of the hazard involved in moving the 15-gallon drums. Each drum, when full, weighs an average of 120 pounds. We recommend utilizing two individuals to move the drums, and follow the age-old advice to, “lift with the legs, not with the back.” We recognize that circumstances may not always allow for help with lifting. In these situations, we recommend using a hoist as seen in the following photos. We are in the process of fabricating a connection point that will distribute the weight evenly between the two handles on the top ring.

We want you to be safe when mixing, loading, and applying herbicides. We hope this will bring attention to the necessity for improved safety measures while moving heavy drums. Please call us for more information on recommendations and assistance with of your herbicide needs at 1-540-992-5766.