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1. Food Plot Establishment: GLY-FLO and ROUNDUP PRO CONCENTRATE

  • Treat the entire area with 1 quart per acre or a 5% solution of Accord XRT or Roundup Pro Conc.
  • If you are using Accord XRT or Roundup Pro Concentrate, you do not need to add the surfactant because it is already included.
  • After you have treated the area, prepare the seedbed for planting. If you disk or till the area, you will have another emergence of weeds because you have brought those seeds closer to the surface. With this new emergence of weeds, treat the area again the same as before and wait three days and plant into the area.
  • Glyphosate only controls (kills) what is green and actively growing. It does not leave a residual in the soil, which is the reason that you can plant back into the area shortly after application.

2. Food Plot Maintenance: SETHOXYDIM G-PRO HERBICIDE and HI-DEP

  • FIRST determine if you have a broadleaf (clover) or a grass (corn) as a food plot. If you have both broadleaves and grasses in the same food plot, there is NOTHING that is selective enough to allow a broadcast application over the top of the entire plot.
  • If you do have both in the same plot, your only alternative for weed control is to go with a spot application using a backpack. Use a 5% solution of Accord XRT or Roundup Pro Conc. and surfactant.

Broadleaf Food Plots

  • If you have a broadleaf like clover or alfalfa, (Imperial Whitetail, Alfa Rack) you do have an option for controlling grass.
  • SETHOXYDIM G-PRO HERBICIDE will control annual and perennial grasses within clover.
  • Watch your food plot and when the grasses get 4-6 inches tall, go in and make a broadcast application of SETHOXYDIM G-PRO HERBICIDE at 3.5 – 4 pints per acre. With Sethoxydim G-Pro herbicide you do not need to add surfactant because it is included in the product.
  • Depending on the intensity of grass pressure, you may need to come back in the fall and make a second application to control the grass that begins emerging again.

Grass Food Plots

  • If you have a food plot of grasses, (i.e., corn) you can use a product containing 2,4-D over the top as a broadcast application. HI-DEP may be used in a backpack application using a 4 – 5% solution or as a broadcast application at 2 quarts per acre.
  • HI-DEP will control broadleaf weeds within grasses.

3. Undesirable Hardwood Control: ARSENAL

Arsenal works great to control most types of hardwoods.

  • Arsenal works great to control most types of hardwoods, however, pines are tolerant. You can spray Arsenal over the top of pines and control the hardwoods without injuring the pines. By controlling the hardwoods, you allow more sun to reach the forest floor and you get more desirable plant species germinating, which is more beneficial for wildlife.
  • As a backpack application, you use ½% solution of Arsenal and 4 – 5% solution of Accord XRT with ¼% CWC 90.

4. Native Warm Season Grass (NWSG) Establishment: PLATEAU

  • Plateau works great when establishing NWSG (big and little bluestem, and indian grass). If you are trying to convert fescue to NWSG, you should broadcast 10-12 ounces of Plateau and 1 quart of Roundup Pro Conc. per acre before planting.

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