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Erie International Airport now has 150 acres seeded with FlightTurf®, enabling them to replace constant mowing with an occasional weed treatment to maintain short, attractive, live turf. This improves their bottom line, benefits the environment, and enhances safety by reducing the attractiveness of their landscape to wildlife. FlightTurf® is effective for any landholder wishing to enjoy similar benefits.

Contact us to learn why airports, departments of transportation, power companies, solar companies and many more are excited about the switch to a more effective vegetation management program.

Convert to FlightTurf® – the only turfgrass that combines ultra-low maintenance and wildlife deterrence demonstrated through airfield research.

FlightTurf® is a patent-pending, live turfgrass technology that is revolutionizing airfield management.

FlightTurf® is the only ultra-low maintenance grass that has demonstrated wildlife deterrence through airfield research.

FlightTurf® stays short and requires only one mow per year, saving an estimated $800 per acre annually, assuming 22 mows per year.

Plus, wildlife such as geese and deer avoid it and tend to graze elsewhere, resulting in safer conditions at airports – for people and for wildlife.

FlightTurf® meets Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) seeding specifications, Part 139 requirements, FAA Circular Advisories, USDA recommended wildlife control, and industry standard best practices.

In addition:

  • greenhouse gas emissions due to mowing are reduced 95%
  • stormwater run-off is reduced due to greater on-site infiltration
  • no fertilization or watering is necessary
  • airport security and risk exposure is tightened due to fewer mowing crews
  • capital equipment costs are reduced.

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