Custom Blends

//Custom Blends

Custom Blended Herbicides in Returnable/Refillable Containers

• Eliminate One Way Container Disposal
• Increase Applicator Safety
• Reduce Mixing Errors
• Maximize Productivity
• Just in Time Inventory

CWC offers closed loop, custom blended herbicides designed to reduce container costs, accurately track orders and provide increased employee productivity and decreased container handling costs. With an increased emphasis on environmental stewardship the use of returnable refillable containers eliminates the disposal of one way containers in our ever increasing landfills. The use of camlocks at all transfer points makes the entire system closed until the time of applications thereby reducing exposure and increasing applicator safety. Custom blended herbicides maximize mixing accuracy by enabling the applicator to only be responsible for the addition of water to achieve the desired end use solution.


Custom blended herbicides are delivered on a pallet of nine, fifteen gallon containers. The containers may be blended in a ready to use format or a diluted concentrate format. The ready to use product is pulled directly from the drum and may be applied to the target species. The diluted concentrate is pulled from the drum and added to a mix tank where additional water is added to make the desired end use solution. Each format in which the herbicide is delivered will have one to three herbicides, surfactant and dye included in the blend.

Each drum is bar coded for accurate tracking of the material. The drums are checked out to a location with tracking via the internet. Upon return the drums are checked back in allowing complete accountability of the use of the product.


The current management of CWC Chemical, Inc. has been involved with chemical distribution for over 20 years in the agriculture industry. This experience has been instrumental in the development of the custom blended, returnable/refillable process. In 1993, returnable/refillable containers were not available in the non-crop specialty markets. In 1994, packaging agreements were developed with major manufacturers in the agrichemical business to offer products packaged in returnable/refillable containers. By 1996, over 200,000 gallons were packaged and shipped in returnables, eliminating the disposal of 82,000 one way containers. By the year 2000, over 500,000 gallons were packaged in returnables, eliminating disposal of over 200,000 one-way containers. The 500,000 gallons were shipped to over 260 locations with a customer base of over 180 endusers nationwide.


Our facility is located in Cloverdale, Virginia. We have access to two custom blenders that service the non-crop industry. Aqumix, Inc., one of the custom blenders shares the facility with CWC. The current capacity at this facility is 120,000 gallons. The tank systems hold 6000 gallons of liquid chemical which are dedicated to an individual product. Each tank has a dedicated pump and metering system that is computer controlled and integrated with the tracking software.


The fifteen gallon returnable drum sits at a height of approximately 30 inches. This height makes it easier to move the drums when they have to be relocated from the pallet to the truck. Each drum has a micromatic valve on the top for accessing the contents inside. The micromatic valve is a one way valve that only allows product to be pulled from the drum which ensures the integrity of the mix. To access the contents of the drum you must have a micromatic coupler to join to the micromatic valve. The micromatic valve and coupler are similar to the couplers they use in the beverage industry. Each drum has a sump in the bottom where the entire product will drain allowing complete evacuation of the drum. The drums also have volumetric measurements on the side that allow for incomplete batches to be blended when the need arises. The drums arrive on a returnable pallet that has been made from recycled drums.


Each drum comes complete with a unique bar code. The bar code keeps information that is unique to the order and contents of the drum. The information that it includes is the name and address of the customer, ship to location, contents of the drum with specific trade names and EPA registration numbers, mixing instructions, and end use customer (ex. Utility used on). All of this information is accessible on the internet with the use of a username and password. Through the use of the internet tracking you can maintain just in time inventory. With access to the internet you will always be able to keep accurate records of how much product you have in inventory and how many drums have been shipped into a single location.


• 20% Garlon 4 Ultra, 1% Stalker, 79% Hy-Grade I (basal oil)

Diluted Concentrate
• 15 gallon drum makes 150 end use gallons
• 10% solution
• Diluted Concentrate Rate: 39% Accord Conc., 5% Arsenal Powerline, 10% Aqufact
• End Use Rate: 3.9% Accord Conc., 0.5% Arsenal Powerline, 1% Aqufact


The following pictures are some of the equipment options that can increase your efficiency of using custom blended herbicides in a returnable refillable format.

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