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Imagine that you enter a room full of one hundred people. You are given the task of getting names and ages of every person present. You must report the data at the end of a determined time. You are given two options for recording the information. One avenue is to walk up to each individual one at a time, ask for the information, and record it on paper. The other avenue is to have all one hundred people fill out an online survey simultaneously. Which one is more efficient? Which one would you choose? In the interest of saving time and collecting data with accuracy, most would choose the digital route.

In a successful Industrial Vegetation Management program (IVM), tracking herbicide applications is critically important. It is the equivalent of being able to see the entire picture and make decisions accordingly. The most successful applicators understand the history of their applications and make judgments going forward based on past results. Without an accurate history or accounting method of tracking the products, rates, application method, and specific location of applications, it is purely a guessing game. While applicators know this, they haven’t always had access to the technology that can save time, improve accuracy, and end the guesswork.

At CWC Chemical, we have created a software program that is an industry leader. CWC Spray Tracker is the best program available to track, account, and reconcile the application records with precision. The system coincides with the Utility Arborist Associations- Best Management Practice of using product delivered in a returnable refillable drum.

Using this tracking method, individuals can digitally record the exact location of the application. The record will contain products, rates, and volumes organized by mile and acreage. All fields required for state compliance are captured and easily reportable. Data can be exported in a number of formats including Excel for further analysis. The system also contains a web dashboard that reports progress over time.

In many ways we have seen technology change our lives for the better. This system is replacing hand-written spray reports. If you are interested in finding out more about electronic spray reporting, please call us and let us guide you through the details. 1-540-992-5766

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