Have you ever noticed that dealership vehicles always have a shiny exterior? Wax is applied to keep the cars looking new and perfect. As rain falls on a vehicle protected with wax, the water beads up and rolls IMGP6421right off the automobile. When it comes to foliar treatment, we see a similar reaction if we apply herbicides without a surfactant. The herbicide will hit and run off. This ruins the effectiveness of the product and adds to application costs. Surfactants are a critical ingredient when applying herbicides. In order for the herbicide solution to be completely absorbed, it must be spread out across the entire leaf and dry slowly. Surfactants provide this benefit. In addition, surfactants break down the cuticle of the leaf, decrease the surface tension, increase translocation to the root system, and increase the overall wetting ability of the solution to the leaf. Surfactants come in a variety of formulations that include: non-ionics, crop oil concentrates, tallo-amines, organo-silicones, and methylated seed oils. We don’t want this to be an overwhelming decision for you. Please take advantage of our experienced staff and let us walk you through it. Please contact us at 1-540-992-5766 for more information.

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